Friday, August 7, 2015

Watershed Restoration Project stalled

The Auburn Citizen is reporting today that Dutch Hollow Brook Watershed Restoration Project has been stopped pending release of funds by NY state. This project is hoped to have significant effect in preventing nutrients from entering Dutch Hollow Brook and Owasco Lake. We hope our state Leaders will act quickly to complete the funding for this important project.

Read the full article here:

Link to the original project funding announcement article from April 2014:


Anonymous said...

Since the year 2001 Cayuga County has received $6,671,689.00 for investment in BMPs within the Owasco Lake watershed. This year with the promised $600,00.00 additional money our lake will have a grand total of $7,271,689.00 spenting for improving water quality for Owasco Lake.
So the question I have is why doesn't our lake's quality get better instead of worse every year. Is it because big agriculture is expanding every year during the same time span?
I think so. How about you?

Anonymous said...

Well, you also need to look at the cluster of home residence around the lake as well. If you look over the years at imagery you can see the huge growth in homeowners on the lake shore, which are also very close to shale bedrock. There have been studies on homeowner septic in the Owasco Lake Watershed and they are finding that there is a lot of failing septic systems that go by the wayside. But every one is to blame for the issue but I don't think it is fair to blame the farmers just because they are 54% of the land base in Owasco Lake Watershed. The lake has done extremely well for this year anyway as far as water quality and invasive issues plus if you look way back in history Owasco Lake used to be done right nasty back in the 1900 or so. So quick having such a fit at least you are eating and we are fortunate to have funds coming into the county.