Monday, April 27, 2015

OWLA monthly meeting - May 6th, 7pm

Owasco Watershed Lake Association Meeting
Wednesday, May 6, 2015
Springside Inn at 7:00 PM


Welcome Members and Guests

Call to Order

1.  School Recognition Award
2.  Scott Kishbaugh, New York State DEC
      "Blue Green-Algae Monitoring Plan"

I.        Roll Call Sheet
II.      Approval of April 1, 2015 Minutes - Gilda Brower
III.    Financial Report - Jeff Trescott
IV.    Committee Reports
            A.  Membership Update:  Norma Leone; Rosemarie Romano
            B.  Communication: Carolyn Hiza
            C.  Lake Day June 24, 2015: Rick Nelson
            D. Nominating Committee Report: Ann Robson
            E. Water Testing/Monitoring: Ken Kudla; Drew Snell
V.      Old Business
            A.  Organizational Reports
            B.  Owasco Lake Watershed Management Council: Charlie Green
C.  Finger Lakes Regional Watershed Alliance Meeting: Bob Brower
            D.  Water Quality Management Association Update: Bob Brower
            E.  OWLA's Strategic Plan Status: Kathy Cappella
            F.  Whole Farm Best Practices Partnership: Ken Kudla, Rick Nelson
G.  Manure Spreading advisory Committee Plans and Progress: Mike
        Didio, Peter Caplan,  Ken Kudla
VI.    New Business
              A.  Status of OWLA's Enhanced Watershed Actions Program in NYS
                    2015-2016 Budget: Bob Brower
VII.  Wrap-up (next meeting; assignments; agenda planning items)

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Thursday, April 2, 2015


ALBANY, 04/01/15:  State Senators John DeFrancisco, Mike Nozzolio and James L. Seward announced today that the new state budget includes a major win for one of Cayuga County’s key natural resources.

The senators announced that $600,000 in state funding has been awarded to the Owasco Watershed Lake Association to support ongoing and long-term efforts to improve water quality throughout the watershed.

Senator James L. Seward said, “Local officials have already embarked on a responsive path toward rejuvenating Owasco Lake and my senate colleague and I are pleased to assist in continuing the work.  This grant will further enhance the ability of the Owasco Watershed Lake Association and other stakeholders to make notable improvements to this prime source of drinking water, recreational activity, and future economic development.”

Senator Mike Nozzolio said, “As State Senator representing the Finger Lakes region, the health of our lakes has always been one of my top priorities.  Owasco Lake is one of our region’s most unique and magnificent environmental jewels and decisive action needs to be taken to prevent further pollution of the lake. I am pleased my colleagues and I were able to secure this funding to help preserve and revitalize Owasco Lake, ensuring its protection, and securing its potential, for generations to come.”

Senate Finance Chairman John A. DeFrancisco said, “The funding for Owasco Lake is one of many measures included in the state budget that reaffirms our strong commitment to protecting New York’s natural resources.  I was pleased to work with the senate team from Cayuga County to secure this vital funding and to help enrich our community.”