Saturday, December 11, 2010

Owasco Lake Watershed Management Council formed

Wednesday night at Emerson Park, three municipalities voted to form the Owasco Lake Management council. The Cayuga County Legislator, City of Auburn and Town of Owasco became the founding members. They hope to add the other towns and villages of the Owasco Lake Watershed to the council very soon. The purpose of the council is to oversee watershed protection in the 208 square mile watershed. Owasco Lake is the major water supply for over 50,000 people in Cayuga County. The group also hopes to apply for grants and federal funding to address water quality issues in the watershed. The groups first efforts will be to create its by-laws and a budget.

The Owasco Watershed Lake Association has been pushing for a cooperative approach by all watershed municipalities for many years. We are very hopeful for active participation in the council by all of the government bodies in the watershed.

Read the Auburn Citizen article at the following link: