Sunday, February 19, 2012

Can you help?

Owasco Lake is a beautiful place to visit or spend time on. Those of us who live near or recreate on it, know first hand how special it is. It not only is a recreational asset, but it is also a growing asset for tourism in our region. Sadly, the condition of the lake is deteriorating and the pressures from invasives, development and agriculture are mounting each year.

Invasive species have been a growing problem on the lake and the growing weed population has been an issue here for many years. Our county government and lake associations have worked for years to control the weed population in Cayuga County lakes. Unfortunately, funding, equipment and labor has been greatly reduced from what it was 10-15 years ago. In 2012 the Cayuga County budget for weed harvesting was cut again. Presently the weed harvester needs repair and with out immediate funding could miss doing any weed cutting in the county this summer. If you care about this important program, please contact your Cayuga County Legislator and tell them that we need to support the present program and also look at enhancing it in coming years. Read more about this issue at:

If you are looking to learn more or get involved with the protection of Owasco Lake, there is an upcoming seminar developed especially for you. On Saturday March 3rd The "Owasco Lake... OWN-IT" workshop will include the current condition of Owasco Lake, nutrients entering the lake, invasive species and opportunities for citizen involvement.

The event runs from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Saturday, March 3. If you’re interested in attending, please register by calling 252-8669 or visiting

 Learn more about the event in this article:

I hope you will consider getting involved with the protection of Owasco Lake.

......and don't forget our monthly OWLA meetings....the next one is Wednesday March 7th, 7pm at the Springside Inn on Rt. 38 in Fleming. We hope to see you there!

Take care - Lakeman

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Owasco Lake workshop

The registration is now open for “Owasco Lake… OWN IT” a two part workshop focused on the current condition of Owasco Lake and opportunities for citizen involvement. The workshop is being held in two parts and includes optional participation in a special training for citizens who want to participate in the long term protection of the Lake. Registration for the morning session will remain open until the day of the event, Saturday, March 3rd.

The registration for the afternoon training that will follow the morning sessions will be on a first come first serve basis with only about 25 seats open. The afternoon workshop is a hands-on training program by iMapInvasives, a multi-state program focused on invasive species. Please see:

 The event is being sponsored by:

The Owasco Watershed Lake Association (OWLA)
The Institute for the Application of Geospatial Technology (IAGT)
Cayuga Community College (CCC)
The Finger Lakes Institute (FLI)
Cayuga County Water Quality Management Agency (WQMA)

Topics Include:
         The Condition of Owasco  lake
         The sources of nutrient entering the lake
         Invasive Species in the lake
         Opportunities for Citizen Involvement
         iMap Invasives hands-on training

                        “Owasco Lake, OWN IT”
Time:               9am- noon and 1pm -3:30pm
Date:               March 3rd, 2012
Location:        Bisgrove Theater, Cayuga Community College
199 Franklin Street  
Auburn, NY 13021 

Sign up today to reserve your seat.  There is no registration fee for the morning or afternoon sessions. Pre-registration is recommended for both events however and in fact required for the afternoon invasive species training program. A brown bag lunch is suggested for those registering for the afternoon workshop.  

 To register by phone or for additional information call: 315.252.8669    
On-line registration opened on February 3rd at:

Guest Speakers:

Dr. John Halfman has been studying Owasco Lake for years and has recently completed synthesis of his data for the summer of 2011. His picture of phosphorus levels during the summer created concern when it was clear that high levels of phosphorus had again been discharged into the lake from the Groton Sewage treatment plant. He will present his findings in the morning session. His work is supported by the Cayuga County Water Quality Management Agency and the Owasco Watershed Lake Association.    

Dr. Barry Evans completed the only nutrient allocation model for Owasco Lake. This milestone work uses a combination of science and geo-spatial technology to identify and estimate the sources of nutrients entering the lake from throughout the watershed. Nutrients remain a primary if not the most significant threat to the condition of the lake. He will present his findings during the morning session. His work was supported by the Institute for the Application of Geospatial Technology at Cayuga Community College.

This workshop is a companion event to Lake Day 2012, to be held at Emerson Park on the shores of Owasco Lake on June 27th, 2012. SAVE THAT DATE!  

Gilda Brower, Chair, Owasco Lake Watershed Association (OWLA) Lake Day Planning Committee