Monday, August 24, 2015

Owasco Watershed Lake Association Meeting - September 2nd

Owasco Watershed Lake Association Meeting
September 2, 2015
Springside Inn at 7:00 PM

Draft Agenda
Welcome Members and Guests
Call to Order

    Cayuga County Soil and Water Conservation District Advanced
    Agriculture Technologies
      Presenter:  Jason Cuddeback, Conservation Tec/Grazing Specialist
I.        Roll Call Sheet
II.      Approval of August 5, 2015 Minutes - Gilda Brower
III.    Financial Report - Jeff Trescot    
IV.    Committee Reports
            A.  Membership Update - Rosemarie Romano
                  1. Cove Captains; Watershed Kit - Jean Canizzo; Linda Vitale
                  2. Membership Assistance
B.  Communication - Carolyn Hiza
            C.  Organizational Committee Reports
            D.  Water Testing/Monitoring- Ken Kudla; Drew Schell
V.      Old Business
              A.  Lake Levels - Ed Wagner
  B.  Asian Clams - Ed Wagner        
              C.  Dutch Hollow project - Charlie Greene
VI.    New Business
              A.  Strategic Planning effort
              B.  Ad Hoc Notification Group
              C. Whole Farms Best-Practices          
VII.  Wrap-up (next meeting; assignments; agenda planning items)


We value your opinions and ideas regarding OWLA and encourage you to participate in OWLA meetings.

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