Saturday, July 11, 2015

New Algae Bloom found in Owasco Lake

A blue-green algae bloom has been found on the west side of Owasco Lake. The bloom was confirmed on Friday (7/10/15) by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, was found on the west side near Peterson Point in Fleming, which is close to the intersection of state Route 38 and Stone School Road.

Blue-green algae blooms produce toxins that could pose a health risk to people and animals. Consuming water containing high levels of blue-green algae has been associated with damaging effects to the liver and nervous system in pets, livestock and people, according to the Cayuga County Health Department.

Some guidelines from the Cayuga County Health Department for dealing with blue-green algae:
      - People should suspect that blue-green algae could be present in surface water that is visibly discolored or that has surface scums.
       - People and pets should not swim in surface water that is discolored or has surface scum. If contact does occur, wash with soap and water or rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove algae.
         - Avoid bathing, showering or washing dishes in untreated surface water that is experiencing an algae bloom.
      -  Do not let your pet drink water experiencing blue-green algae blooms.

If you suspect a blue-green algae bloom, call the Cayuga County Environmental Health Division at (315) 253-1405.

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