Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Agenda for the June OWLA Meeting

Owasco Watershed Lake Association Meeting       
June  3, 2015
Springside Inn at 7:00 PM

- Welcome Members and Guests
- Call to Order
I.        Roll Call Sheet
II.      Approval of April 1, 2015 Minutes - Gilda Brower
III.    Financial Report - Jeff Trescot
IV.    Committee Reports
            A.  Membership Update - Norma Leone; Rosemarie Romano
1. Cove Captains - Jean Cannizzo
            B.  Communication - Carolyn Hiza
            C.  Lake Day June 24, 2015- Rick Nelson
            D. OWLA Board Elections - Ann Robson
            E. Water Testing/Monitoring- Ken Kudla; Drew Snell
V.      Old Business
            A.  Dutch Hollow Project  - Charlie Greene
            B.  Owasco Lake Watershed Management Council - Jim Beckwith
            C.  Finger Lakes Regional Watershed Alliance Meeting - Bob Brower
            D.  Water Quality Management Association Update - Bob Brower
            E.  OWLA's Strategic Plan Status - Kathy Cappella
            F.  Whole Farm Best Practices Partnership - Ken Kudla and Rick Nelson
G.  Manure Spreading Advisory Committee, Plans and Progress -
Mike Didio, Peter Caplan, and Ken Kudla
H.  Lake Level Regulations - Bill Phillips
I.    Status of OWLA's Enhanced Watershed Actions Program in NYS
                    2015-2016 Budget - Bob Brower

VI.    New Business
VII.  Wrap-up (next meeting; assignments; agenda planning items)
- Adjourn

We value your opinions and ideas regarding OWLA and encourage you to participate in OWLA meetings.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Elections for OWLA Board Member seats

At the Wednesday, June 3, 2015 OWLA General Membership meeting, elections for Board Member seats will take place. All OWLA members are encouraged to attend and place your vote.

We meet at 7pm at the Springside Inn, Rte. 38.

The OWLA Nominating Committee presents the 2015 Slate of Nominees for OWLA Board Member positions. The term is June 2015 – 2018.

Following is information on each nominee. For additional information on OWLA visit

- Bob Brower seeks the opportunity to continue work on the restoration and protection of Owasco Lake, as is the mission of OWLA. “I see this as a way of serving an additional commitment to the Finger Lakes Region, a purpose that differs only in scale from OWLA’s mission. If I am to return to the OWLA Board, I expect that the three year period of service will include exciting progress on membership, funding, new organizational partnerships, and additional administrative capacity. The point of all this of course is to put this organizational progress in service to the mission. As the current Vice-President I am given the amazing opportunity to work with OWLA’s multiple programs and dedicated volunteers. All of this helps link the organizational aspects to the mission and brings me great personal satisfaction. "

- Terry Lattimore seeks reelection to the board. He has 30 years experience working in the Environmental field dealing with Fortune 100 companies in all aspects of reducing their exposure to environmental liabilities by setting up many waste minimization programs that utilized recycling and alternative manufacturing practices.

- Ken Post has always been awed by the beauty of our environment in its pristine state and saddened by what can happen to it as a result of unregulated development. The condition of our lake is a reflection and constant reminder of what is happening in our society. People who seem to be uncaring about environmental issues are often unaware of the effects of their own actions or the cumulative environmental impact of communities without adequate safeguards for that environment. He became a member of OWLA primarily to educate himself and has become more aware of the issues concerning the lake. He has learned quite a lot and also sees the need to raise the level of community awareness concerning our environment.

- Lance Robson is the current Chairman of the NYS Fish and Wildlife Management Board. This board advises the State of New York and landowners on matters of fish, wildlife and habitat management and sporting access. He is a member of the working group developing and implementing the Adirondack Regional Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Program and a member of the Great Lakes Climate Change Scenario Planning working group. He is involved in several other habitat and water quality initiatives, invasive species introduction and spread prevention efforts.

- Keith Welch writes; Dear OWLA members. Thanks for your consideration in the upcoming election of your Board. I would like to remain on the slate for the following reasons: my positions of Deputy Supervisor in the Town of Scipio, Scipio representative to the Owasco Lake Watershed Management Council, Chair of the Cayuga County Planning Board and a Cayuga County Legislature appointment to the five county consortium, Central New York Regional Planning and Development Board, ensures that I am at the table with many players in the quest to save our lake. These opportunities for advocacy are not something to take lightly and Owasco Lake is always at the base of any discussion.