Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Moravia Central Schools - Stream Team!

There was a very nice article in the Auburn Citizen this week covering an innovative, hands-on environmental education program with children from the Moravia School District. The "Stream Team", left the classroom to work in the field with educators from the Moravia Middle School and Cayuga-Onondaga BOCES. The goal was to learn about science and conservation first hand. Another group of students will continue this program in the spring of 2010.

Our "hats are off" to seventh grade teacher Karen Camp and BOCES environmental educator Ann Moore for their efforts to get kids outside and involved in these innovative environmental education programs. These kind of programs are very important to exposing students to both the science and issues that impact our water quality.

Link to the January 29th, 2010, Auburn Citizen article:

Film on effects of Hydrofracking coming to APT February 5th & 6th

From the APT flyer:

Auburn Public Theater presents the film SPLIT ESTATE which documents the devastating effect that oil and gas drilling is having on the health of families and the environment in the Rocky Mountain West.

FRI • FEB 5 • 8:00pm - followed by a Q&A session about hydrofracking

SAT • FEB 6 • 7:45pm - followed by a Q&A session with Dr. Hilary Lambert, Cayuga Lake Watershed
Network and Helen Slottje, Shaleshock Action Alliance

Monday, January 25, 2010

Whistler Swans on Owasco Lake this past weekend

Did anybody see the Whistler Swans on Owasco Lake Saturday and Sunday?

Two groups totaling about 50, were spotted flying on to the lake both Saturday  and Sunday morning. They were seen on the east side of the lake across from Ensenore.

A few facts: The average weight of the female Whistler Swan is 13 1/2 pounds and males are 15 1/2. Their breeding area is the North American tundra. They are also bred in China. The Whistler Swans winter along both the Atlantic and Pacific Coasts as well as in southern China. The Swans make their nests along shores of lakes or ponds, and occasionally on islands. The female lays from three to five white eggs, which take 30-32 days to incubate. These swans are white with a black beak and a yellow dot below the eye. Normally swans mate once a year and are very protective of their territory during this time. Whistlers mate with one partner for life and don't mate outside their own species.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The debate continues on hydrofracking - where does your elected representative stand?

There is an interesting article on where local representatives stand on hydrofracking in today's Syracuse Post-Standard. As the debate for and against hydrofracking continues across the state, people are trying to better understand the potential economic and environmental impacts. We encourage you to become informed and consider the potential environmental impacts on the Owasco Lake Watershed. Also, please contact your elected representatives and let them know your feelings on this issue.

Link to today's Syracuse Post-Standard article:

Please see our previous blog on this very important topic:

Link to the Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) Natural Gas Development Resource Center:

Sunday, January 10, 2010

January 2010 Finger Lakes Institute Happenings - See the article on Owasco

January 2010 Happenings
Read the entire FLI Newsletter Here

·         New Release: HWS Professor Brown Publishes Owasco Lake Research

Community Outreach
·         Finger Lakes Research Conference A Success
o   Congratulations to Sam Georgian for winning this year’s Best Student Presentation $100 Award!!
·         Watershed Reps United!
·         January FLI Events
o   January 21- The Geography of Wetlands
o   Save the Dates
Feb. 3- Enhancing Water Quality through Native Plants
Feb. 11- The Geography of Finger Lakes History

Read the entire January 2010 FLI Happenings Newsletter online at  

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

We hope you all had a nice holiday season!

As we start a new year, we want to first say THANK YOU to all of the OWLA members and volunteers who have helped us in the past year!

Also, a big Thank you to the Springside Inn for hosting our monthly OWLA meetings! They have been terrific hosts and we look forward to their continued support in 2010!

Please come and join us at our first OWLA meeting of the New Year on Wednesday February 3rd, 7pm at the Springside Inn in Fleming. Come out and learn about what is going on in the Owasco Lake Watershed.

Best Regards - Lakeman.............