Saturday, April 28, 2012

OWLA meeting this Wednesday!

Don't forget the OWLA meeting this Wednesday, May 2nd - 7pm, at the Springside Inn on West Lake Rd. in Fleming.

The public is invited!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hydrilla - a new threat to upstate NY waters

Hydrilla was discovered in the Cayuga Lake Inlet in Ithaca in late August of 2011. There have also been several possible recent detections in other upstate waters. Folks in the Fingerlakes need to be vigilant and use best practices to prevent the spread of yet another invasive plant.

Rooted in the bottom sediment and growing up to an inch a day, Hydrilla verticillata, quickly out competes native vegetation and creates a dense mat of vegetation at the surface of the water. This dense mat inhibits boat traffic, displaces natural habitat, and discourages recreational uses of the water. Spread by seed, buds (turions), tubers and vegetative fragments; this plant is often referred to as one of the worst invasive aquatic plants in the world.  

Boaters and other water recreation users can help prevent the spread, see recent guidance from NYS Sea Grant:

Additional Hydrilla information on the Tompkins County CCE website: