Saturday, March 28, 2009

Town attacks milfoil

There was an interesting article in the Syracuse Post-Standard this week concerning the efforts in the Town of Cazenovia to control milfoil in Cazenovia Lake. The town earlier in the year also passed a ban on phosporus laden fertilizer use around the lake.

This community is certainly taking actions to deal with weeds in thier lake. Do you believe we should be advocating for these kind of actions in the Owasco Lake Watershed? Let us know......Please add your comments at the bottom of this blog.

link to the complete article:

Monday, March 9, 2009

"Improve Your World"

"Improve Your World" is a "green" television program developed by SUNY ESF to present environmental issues affecting our region and the world. I caught an episode yesterday morning on WSYR Channel 9.2 (TWC 890). I found it to be quite informative and relavent to what is happening here in the Fingerlakes. Segment topics such as "next generation" septic system techologies and how NY City is working to protect its watershed in the Catskills were both very educational.

The program is produced locally by Syracuse University, and is very well done. If you get a chance, tune in next Sunday morning at 11:30am on WSYR ch. 9.2.

For more information; check out the Syracuse University "Orange Televeision" website at

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Finally! NYSDEC announces help for Owasco Lake

The NY State Department of Environmental Conservation announced Tuesday that it had come to an agreement on the Phosphorus discharge limits for the Groton Sewage Treatment Plant (STP).

After many years of debate, The DEC has finally come up with a reasonable approach to the ongoing problems with phosphorus discharges to the Owasco Inlet from the Town of Groton STP. The new permit will eventually limit the amount of phosphorus the plant can discharge into the Owasco Inlet to .5 milligrams per liter, or approximately two pounds per day. This is the level that OWLA has been lobbying for several years. Higher phosphorus levels have been associated with increased weed growth and algae blooms in the lake. Groton will be required to meet the new limits in 14 months; June, 2010.

The Auburn Citizen had a nice article outlining the final terms of the agreement and OWLA's position on the announcement. Our President ; Joe Wasileski was quoted as follows: "....... the organization is pretty happy about these regulations after eight years of fighting. Every pound of phosphorus can lead to 500 pounds of weeds in the lake, he said.“(Two pounds per day) is a big start,” Wasileski said. “This whole thing has just been dragging on so long.”

Read the entire article at this Link: