Friday, October 3, 2014

Water Quality Agency split on vote to enact stricter manure regulations

The Cayuga County Water Quality Management Agency met this past Thursday and were split on possible changes to state regulations for big farms. The agency nearly passed a resolution to recommend language changes to the state regulation concerning Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations.

The resolution stems from problems in recent years with manure spread on frozen ground and the run-off in late winter early spring into Owasco Lake. This year a local farm was fined for one specific instance, but this problem has worsened in recent years with the growth of larger dairy operations around Owasco Lake.

Owasco Lake is suffering from many influences, but this is one of the more impactful threats that should be addressed quickly. If this concerns you (...and I hope it does!) - please contact one of the WQMAgency members (listed at the link below) as well as your town, county and state government leaders and demand action. 

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