Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Owasco Lake Water Quality editorial

Editorial from the Auburn Citizen on Sunday, October 12th, 2014.

 I have been a member of OWLA (Owasco Watershed Lake Association) for eight years. It has been frustrating to observe the exasperation of the many hard-working people who have spearheaded it’s very important mission. It appears that their yeoman efforts are finally bearing fruit. Kudos and thanks to the Auburn Citizen for their many recent articles relating to the water quality of Owasco Lake. It is a much-deserved front-and-center issue!

 Last winter’s “factory farm” dispersion of large quantities of manure that ended up in Owasco Lake and the recent blue-green algae reports has spurred the interest of many lake denizens to step forward and engage in this grassroots effort to save our lake . The most recent OWLA meeting was highlighted with a very large crowd who expressed a very large concern relating to the ongoing problem of water quality of the lake. Eileen O’Connor, of the Cayuga County Health Department was the guest speaker, and she did a brilliant job of fending off the anger of the many people who demanded action.

 Action will only occur when the appropriate government representatives have been informed that their job future can be directly related to their legislation to curb toxic waste entering the lake and their enforcement of such legislation. There are approximately 1,000 landowners with Owasco Lake frontage, yet there are only 280 dues paying members of OWLA ( . Clearly, to be more effective, OWLA needs a larger membership. The economic value of Owasco Lake to the surrounding communities is a value that is hard to quantify. The tourism factor will tumble; The Bass Pro Outlet might pull up stakes, etc. ad infinitum, if the lake’s water quality continues to deteriorate.  Do not be complacent regarding this powerfully important issue for Cayuga County citizens and Auburnians in particular; join OWLA ASAP and start a letter-writing crusade to elected officials.   

Sincerely yours,
Allen Morris

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