Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Weeds, Weeds, Weeds....

It is amazing how fast the weeds have come upon us this year. Many areas around the lake are experiencing record setting weed growth, along with more varieties. The Cayuga County Soil and Water district weed harvester has been on Owasco Lake the last 2 weeks and will be heading for Cayuga Lake at the end of this week. They hope to be back on Owasco in late August for a follow up cutting.

In discussion with the weed harvester operator, he did have a few requests for lakeside owners. It would be a big help if more people would mark their water lines and other under water accessories so they can be easily seen and avoided by the weed cutter bar. Not only is your water line or other object damaged, but the weed cutter can also be damaged. Since the county has only one weed harvester, any downtime for repairs cuts into the weed team's progress in controlling weeds on our lake.

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