Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fourth of July Boat display - want to join them?

This years fireworks show at Emerson Park will be complimented by a private boat display entitled  “Electric Patriotism.”
A pontoon boat adorned with over 6,000 red, white and blue L.E.D. lights will again be touring the waterways during the evening celebration (weather permitting). This will be the 5th year of this display along with the fireworks at the park.
This year’s display will include a nearly doubled light count and computer programmed display set to patriotic themed country, rock and orchestral music. The program will be broadcast throughout the park area during the evening of July 3. Everyone is invited to bring a radio and tune into 89.5 FM to hear the evening’s local broadcast.
Durland Krickovich and his electrician, “Sparky” are coordinating this event. The display has grown from hand switching a dozen or so light sets to quite a complicated technical marvel, thanks to the guidance of Steve Atkins from Owasco.

The founders of the display would like to invite others to join in by lighting their boats. Their hope is to start a friendly, local competition and a patriotic boat parade tradition for future years. 

Those interested can contact them by email with questions —

Read their letter in the Auburn Citizen:  

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