Friday, September 2, 2016

Owasco Lake Water Quality Notification Program - 8/29/16

Owasco Lake- Week 8 (August 29th) Summary

Hello Everyone,

As we enter into September, the life cycle of cyanobacteria that cause Harmful Algal Blooms (HAB) starts to peak and blooms can become more frequent.

On Saturday August 27th, we received a number of reports about a potential HAB developing. Blooms were seen on the East side of the lake at Burtis Point, Adams Point (Wide Waters Lane) and Seward Point (Firelane 24 East); and on the West side of the lake at Cascade (Firelane 1-4 West) and near Firelane 26 West. A sample was Collected at Adams Point and Laboratory results indicated that the bloom did contain high cyanobacteria levels (281ug/L, above the WHO/DEC Threshold of 25-30ug/L), and toxins results have not yet been completed. Luckily the wind picked up on Sunday August 28th and the blooms have dissipated. Additional information can be found at regarding current conditions of the lake and any supplemental information.

Reports from weekly surveillance have indicated no evidence of a bloom this week. As always, if you suspect a bloom, please feel free to call me at 315-237-2066 or Drew Snell at 315-427-5188.


 Tim Schneider
Watershed Inspector

Owasco Lake Watershed Inspection Program
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