Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Agenda for the June OWLA Meeting

Owasco Watershed Lake Association Meeting       
June  3, 2015
Springside Inn at 7:00 PM

- Welcome Members and Guests
- Call to Order
I.        Roll Call Sheet
II.      Approval of April 1, 2015 Minutes - Gilda Brower
III.    Financial Report - Jeff Trescot
IV.    Committee Reports
            A.  Membership Update - Norma Leone; Rosemarie Romano
1. Cove Captains - Jean Cannizzo
            B.  Communication - Carolyn Hiza
            C.  Lake Day June 24, 2015- Rick Nelson
            D. OWLA Board Elections - Ann Robson
            E. Water Testing/Monitoring- Ken Kudla; Drew Snell
V.      Old Business
            A.  Dutch Hollow Project  - Charlie Greene
            B.  Owasco Lake Watershed Management Council - Jim Beckwith
            C.  Finger Lakes Regional Watershed Alliance Meeting - Bob Brower
            D.  Water Quality Management Association Update - Bob Brower
            E.  OWLA's Strategic Plan Status - Kathy Cappella
            F.  Whole Farm Best Practices Partnership - Ken Kudla and Rick Nelson
G.  Manure Spreading Advisory Committee, Plans and Progress -
Mike Didio, Peter Caplan, and Ken Kudla
H.  Lake Level Regulations - Bill Phillips
I.    Status of OWLA's Enhanced Watershed Actions Program in NYS
                    2015-2016 Budget - Bob Brower

VI.    New Business
VII.  Wrap-up (next meeting; assignments; agenda planning items)
- Adjourn

We value your opinions and ideas regarding OWLA and encourage you to participate in OWLA meetings.

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