Thursday, January 29, 2015

Owasco Watershed Lake Association Meeting, Wednesday February 4th

OWLA Monthly Meeting at the Springside Inn at 7:00 PM

Welcome Members and Guests

Committee Reports:
Communications: Carolyn Hiza
Membership: Rosemarie Romano, Norma Leone
March to Lake Day - March 7, 2015:  Bob Brower
Lake Day - June 25, 2015:  Rick Nelson
Old Business:
Water Testing: Ken Kudla, Drew Snell
Owasco Lake Watershed Management Council: Jim Beckwith
Finger Lakes Regional Watershed Alliance Meeting: Bob Brower
Water Quality Management Association Update: Bob Brower
Strategic Plan: Kathryn Cappella, Bob Brower, Jim Beckwith
Updates on Voted Actions: Jim Beckwith, Bob Brower
New Business:
Meeting with Cayuga  County Chairman, Michael Chapman
We value your opinions and ideas regarding OWLA
and encourage you to participate in OWLA meetings.

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