Saturday, January 28, 2012

Is Owasco Lake getting worse?

A recent article in the Auburn Citizen describes an interesting debate between two local experts about the water quality of Owasco Lake. Eilleen O'Conner, the Director of Environmental Health and Bruce Natalie, a Cayuga County Planning Engineer have opposite takes on this important issue. I feel most people that live on or spend much time on the lake would agree that it is getting worse. The various new invasives, weed growth issues, and continuing problems with phosphorus from sewage treatment plants and agricultural run off are influencing the water quality in Owasco Lake significantly.

We hope the debate continues with the WQMA in 2012. Hopefully, the new Chairman Keith Batman can focus a strong response on some of these issues. Owasco Lake definitely needs more attention.

Can you help? Come to the OWLA meeting this Wednesday Feb. 1st at 7pm at the Springside Inn in Fleming to learn more and maybe help spur some new solutions.

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- Lakeman

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the head up on a problem that concerns all of us who live in the Owasco Lake watershed.

Anonymous said...

We already know there is a issue with the Lake quality, BUT yet nothing being done about it. That is all you hear how bad the Lake is, a lot of talk and no action. Has been the issue for years.

Anonymous said...

Good post! I wish more people would comment and get involved with the lake.