Saturday, December 31, 2011

A good year, but big issues remain for 2012

We wrap up the year 2011 with a some good news for Owasco Lake, but also some big challenges for 2012. The Asian Clam Task Force has reacted quickly to the discovery in late 2010 that the Asian clam had been established in Owasco Lake. An inventory of the clams, along with immediate action plans are all very positive movements to correct this serious threat to Owasco Lake water quality. Thanks to our volunteers and municipal officials who jumped in and reacted quickly to this problem.

Also the creation of the Invasive Species task force by the WQMA should help get more attention to the general invasives problem along with starting collaborative efforts on a regional basis.

There were also some very good dialogues between agriculture interests and the community concerned with water quality. Continuing these discussions and efforts to address the larger farms and their waste products are very important to improving water quality in the Fingerlakes.

In the meantime, historical water quality issues such as the Groton Treatment Plant and a specific farm continue to impact Owasco Lake. Going into 2012 we need a renewed effort to address some of the old issues as long as the new challenges.

 If you would like to get involved, or even just learn more about what is going on with Owasco Lake, feel free to join OWLA members as they kick off 2012 with our first meeting in February. The meeting will be at 7pm, Wednesday February 1st at the Springside Inn on West Lake Road in Fleming.

As we close 2011, OWLA would like to thank our membership and volunteers who support the protection and improvement of water quality in the Owasco Lake Watershed.
Happy New Year!

- Lakeman

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