Friday, January 7, 2011

New invasive discovered in Owasco Lake

The Chinese Mystery Snail is the latest invasive species to be identified in Owasco Lake. At Thursday's Water Quality Management Agency meeting there was a discussion on the snail and it's possible effects to the Lake. The snail was discovered in the lake in late 2010, but the positive identification was only recently confirmed. The Owasco Watershed Inspector; Jessica Reinhart, has requested that anyone who spots the snail to report the siting by calling her office at 315-252-4171 ext. 120.

The Chinese Mystery Snail has spread to many parts of the country and has been reported in the Great Lakes for many years. The snail is fairly large, about the size of a walnut or golf ball and is olive green in color. They spend most of their life in partially buried in the bottom sediments. When the snail dies, it washes up on shore and and can be easily seen(...and smelled). Long term effects of the snail are not completely understood. As more information becomes available we will post updates on the Owasco Lake News blog.

(photo from USGS)

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