Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Potentially toxic algae found in Owasco Lake

Blue-green algae was found in Owasco Lake in late September according to the Cayuga County Health and Human Services Department. Samples taken from the north end of the lake were tested by the NYS Health Department and were confirmed to be the potentially toxic Blue-green algae. The Cayuga County Health Department is cautioning people to not swim, cook or wash with water that has algae in it.

For more information on Blue-green algae go to this NYS Department of Health web-site
 or call the Cayuga County Helath Department at 315-253-1405.

For more details, see the news story at the following links:

WSYR Channel 9:

Auburn Publications:

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Blanket weed said...

We've encountered a massive algae bloom, so some environmental group caution the residents in the area to keep away from the toxic algae. But still there are some reported case that links to toxic algae.