Thursday, August 26, 2010

Upcoming Meetings!

Hi OWLS,  

First of all;
1.  Please come to the special business meeting at Emerson Park this Saturday August 28th from 9-10 AM. We must discuss Owasco Lake Day 2010. and strategy for the rest of the year.      All Board members are requested to be present. others are certainly welcome!!
2.  Our regular September meeting will be focused on conferring with Ken Lynch of the Dec, as to what could be done with Owasco Flats and Dutch Hollow Brook. It will be at 6 pm at Springside on Wed. Sept 1st.  Possibly Mayor Duffy and Andrew Cuomo might attend. The date could change however if necessary.
Please come to this-- to show them that we are indeed a large group. Bruce Natale will be presenting his plans for the areas.
 3. I hope that 5 or 6, or20 of you will volunteer to go with me to City hall on Sept 2nd at 6 PM to read and present our petition of over 500 signatures.  I could use the company.

Thanks in advance!

Joe Wasileski - OWLA President

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