Saturday, July 10, 2010

Owasco Lake Day #3 - A Great Success!

Owasco Lake Day was another resounding success!

OWLA President Joe Wasileski might have said it best:

"We hit a HOME RUN!!! Owasco Lake Day on our WORLD CLASS LAKE  was totally AWESOME !! WE put on a show!!!    Lots of Attention for our cause.  Thanks to EVERYBODY, and I mean EVERYBODY!! who helped make the event so SPECIAL!!   You all are GREAT!! "

Some follow up notes:

John Halfman of the Finger Lakes Institute wanted to make available some of the recent data that he was referencing during his Lake Day presentation. You can find this material at the links below:

1-       My recent report on the Owasco Lake & Watershed data collected since 2007 to satisfy the funding from OWL and the Town of Fleming.  I gave Dr Joe a printed copy of an earlier version.  This version has a few more minor edits (and I’m sure still has a few mistakes).  
2-       I also placed a pdf version of my Owasco Lake Day, 7/1/2010 talk on my web site.  
3-       A chapter for the 2007 FLI Owasco Watershed report on the benthic ecology of the lake.
It can also be found on my website:
"It’s a bit late but better late than never.  It’s probably out of date, as I’m sure quagga mussels have invaded your lake.  One more cha
pter, environmental history from sediment cores, is still under preparation and I’ll send it out when I can. " 

Thanks again to all the OWLA volunteers and Community Leaders who helped put together Owasco Lake Day.

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