Monday, January 25, 2010

Whistler Swans on Owasco Lake this past weekend

Did anybody see the Whistler Swans on Owasco Lake Saturday and Sunday?

Two groups totaling about 50, were spotted flying on to the lake both Saturday  and Sunday morning. They were seen on the east side of the lake across from Ensenore.

A few facts: The average weight of the female Whistler Swan is 13 1/2 pounds and males are 15 1/2. Their breeding area is the North American tundra. They are also bred in China. The Whistler Swans winter along both the Atlantic and Pacific Coasts as well as in southern China. The Swans make their nests along shores of lakes or ponds, and occasionally on islands. The female lays from three to five white eggs, which take 30-32 days to incubate. These swans are white with a black beak and a yellow dot below the eye. Normally swans mate once a year and are very protective of their territory during this time. Whistlers mate with one partner for life and don't mate outside their own species.


Gael Orr said...

I saw whistler swans on Conesus this past Saturday! Do they live in NY year round do you know? Where do they live?

Avis said...

I saw swans on owasco Lake today, Dec 23, 2016

Nancy Hitchcock said...

A large flock of these majestic beauties swam by on the west side - about three miles from the park - this AM and flew off, together, at around 9AM. My favorite holiday gift of all time!!