Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Owasco Lake Day.....Thank you!

The second annual Owasco Lake Day on July 1st was a rounding success!

There was a very large turnout of people interested in hearing about protecting and improving the water quality in our lake. Many local officials and educators spoke on various issues and the continued need to protect the lake for future generations. There were also displays by various groups and agencies to give the attendees more opportunities to learn about Owasco Lake and their environment.

Stas Kott; an OWLA Director, was the Master of Ceremonies for the event. Stas, along with Norma Leone led the OWLA committee, that put together this outstanding event.

President Joe Wasileski may have summed it up the best: "It was certainly GREAT to be a part of last weeks events, and work with such a fine group of people and friends. There was a great turnout, with an impressive list of very fine people in attendance. This was the best part--- the Quality of participants and exhibits were outstanding! Everybody there had an ardent desire to help solve the problems that Owasco Lake has, and I'm sure will partner with us to make a difference in the future".

..........and a very special THANK YOU! to all the OWLA members and community leaders that worked together to create such a special day!

We can't wait for next year!

Get out and enjoy the summer! - Lakeman

Link to the Auburn Citizen article about the Owasco Lake Day:

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