Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New bi-weekly OWLA column in the Citizen

Starting this past Monday May 5th, the Auburn Citizen began publishing a bi-weekly column from OWLA concerning Owasco Lake and it's watershed. The first column was written by Charlie Greene, our Vice President. OWLA's goal with this column is to raise awareness of lake issues, as well as to educate the public on various topics relating to the preservation and protection of the Owasco Lake Watershed.

Quote from the Citizen's editors recent column describing thier new bi-weekly feature:

" On page A9 of Monday's paper, we launched a new column that will run in that space every other Monday into the fall.“OWL Watch” is a column that leaders of the Owasco Watershed Lake Association will write to inform readers on a wide range of issues related to the health of the watershed. Owasco Lake's well-documented water quality challenges deserve special attention, and we're fortunate to have a group such as OWLA willing to put in the time to share information with readers.This week's column dealt with a basic explanation of how watersheds work, and future columns will build from there."

see the OWLA web-site home page for a link to the complete article in PDF at:

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