Saturday, April 4, 2009

The "Owasco Lake News" is one year old!

Yes, this month the Owasco Lake News blog is one year old!

We set up this blog as a communications tool to help inform our membership, and for that matter the world, on the latest happenings and news about OWLA and Owasco Lake.

A few statistics about the blog (during the last 12 months).....…….
- we have had over 1,846 visits to the blog
- we have had over 3,223 page views
- we average betwwen 6-10 visits to our blog daily, depending on the season
- we have written and posted 70 blog articles
- we have over 24 links to other "lake related" web sites
- about 25% of our visits come from our link on our web-site, ~25% from direct entries, and ~50% from search engine search results re-directions (like Google)
……….not too bad for the blog not being publicized very well!

We have had a lot of great comments from folks who have been enjoying the content.

What do you think?
What could we be doing better or add to the blog to keep our members and the public more informed?
What topics would you like see discussed?
Do you have news, meeting information or interesting topics we can discuss on the blog?

Please send us your comments and ideas to our contact e-mail address at

We really need your help to give us suggestions, provide content and to publicize the blog site.

If you print or send out any mailings, newsletters, and other information to our membership, please add the Owasco Lake News blog URL (, as well as the OWLA web-site URL to your documents and help spread the word. Also tell your friends, family and colleagues who love the lake to please check us out.

Thanks for everyones support!

Also, Thanks to CELESTE for being our first registered "Follower"

- Tony (aka - Lakeman)

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