Saturday, November 8, 2008

Compromise proposed on Truck Plan in the Fingerlakes

The NYS DOT is reporting a possible compromise in the proposed ban on Heavy truck traffic in the Fingerlakes. The popular "short-cuts" for big rigs would become illegal and would only be allowed if these trucks have pickups/drop offs on the route. The ban would cover Routes 38, 41, 41A, 89, 90, 96 and 96A. This would also indirectly cover Rt. 38A by the Rt. 38 and Rt. 41A ban.

Truck traffic has increased steadily in last ten years over these routes as rising fuel prices have moved truckers to look for short-cuts between Rt 81 and The NYS Thruway. At the same time increased traffic has raised pollution risks to the Fingerlakes watersheds. I personally have witnessed two NYC garbage haulers overturned on Rt. 41A in the last 5 years. One of those landed in a tributary to Skaneateles Lake less than a mile upstream of the lake. Citizens have also complained of the speed and noise of the trucks in residential areas.

Thanks to our local leaders and state representatives who have finally got this problem on the track to resolution. Thanks specifically to Town of Owasco leaders Barb Clary and John Klink who have helped lead the efforts to resolve this complicated situation.

I've got an even better idea for the garbage going to Seneca Meadows - lets haul it from NYC to Seneca Meadows by railroad and save fuel and our roads. Existing railroad tracks exist within one mile of the landfill. What do you think?

see associated article in the Auburn Citizen:

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