Monday, September 29, 2008

OWLA Meeting, Wed. October 1st

OWLA BOD Meeting, Wed. October 1, 2008 - at the Point at 7PM.

The Point is the old Sand Beach Church near the traffic circle in Fleming.

The public is invited!


1. Presentation- environmental concerns in farm operation - Dirk Young - Twin Birch Farms
2. Farm management plans - Ron Podolak - chief - Cayuga County Soil and Water Conservation District
3. Discussion -Terry Lattimore - moderator
4. Farm Tour - Twin Birch - Sign Up
5. Old Business
a. Housekeeping
b. Committee reports
c. Membership drive
d. Corporate Drive - Stas Kott
e. Groton update
6. November meeting - Sandie Duran Owasco Flatts
7. December meeting - Tale of Two Lakes - discussion - Bob Brower and "OWN" - Owasco Watershed Network.
8. January - no meeting (unless emergency)

Hey Guys! Big Joe Here!!

Please come to this meeting, and ask a friend or two to come. It could turn out to be a great start to a relationship, with the farming community!
This is only the beginning, but a JUMPSTART none the less.
BE THERE!!! I am counting on YOU!
Thanks !
Joe Wasileski - President

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