Thursday, August 14, 2008

Town of Groton complains to DEC about new permit limits

The Auburn Citizen reported today that the Town of Groton has written a letter of protest to the DEC complaining about the new phosphourus discharge limits that will be required under their new SPEDES permit. The permit issues the guidelines and limits for discharging sewage effluent into the Owasco Inlet which empties into Owasco Lake.

Folks, I can't believe that The Town of Groton, who has only contributed to an old problem by adding the fish farm to its STP input, does not want to minimize the damaging effluent it puts into the stream that flows through its own town. I wonder what the citizens of Groton think?

What do you think? (Feel free to post your comments here)

Stay tuned for more on this one, its not over yet..............................

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