Saturday, June 28, 2008

Finally, DEC lowers Groton STP discharge limit!

We couldn't have said it better, "OWLA recieves 20th Anniversary gift from the the state on friday" said the Syracuse Post-Standard in its Saturday morning edition.

Yes, it is true! After years of pressure by OWLA and local government agencies, the DEC has announced it will be limiting the phosphorus discgarge at the Groton sewage treatment plant to 2lbs. per day. This was half of the originally proposed DEC limit.

We want to give a big thank you to all the folks who have been involved in trying to wake up the DEC to push for tougher stands on water quality. State Senator Michael Nozzolio has been one of our biggest supporters on this issue. Locally, the Cayuga County WQMA, with the technical leadership of Bruce Natale, and Eileen O'Connor of the CC Health Dept., among many others.

Al Kozlowski, Dick Coalson, Charlie Greene, Paul Lattimore and Joe Wasileski, with support from other members, have poured literally hundreds of hours into this issue over the last four years. They did a great job researching this issue and bringing it to the forefront. A special thanks to Al for his leadership to the OWLA team during a long fight. Thanks guys!

This is just another example of the difference that can be made if people get involved in protecting our "Jewel", Owasco Lake.

Don't forget this Tuesday July 1st is Owasco Lake Day! Come out and celebrate with us at Emerson Park from 5-7pm.

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