Thursday, May 8, 2008

Owasco Flats - There's a lot going on!

Stop by and check out all the great things happening in the Owasco Flats. Thanks to a multitude of groups efforts, a renewed emphasis has appeared focused on improving many aspects of this large wetland habitat. Led by the Owasco Flats Nature Reserve, a variety of projects ranging from re-building a wetland water control structure to eradication of invasive plant species, have been taking place over the last several years. The Finger Lakes Land Trust (FLLT) has recently completed a study and report (link below) outlining the present condition of the flats, along with some great ideas for its future. The flats is a key environmental buffer which helps protect the quality of Owasco Lake. Wildlife found within the Flats include abundant populations of game species such as white tailed deer, wild turkey, and waterfowl as well as an occasional siting of a bald eagle. This area is also home to many very unique types of flora and fauna. Anyone who cares about protecting Owasco lake should take a few minutes to learn more about this very special area.

Better yet, stop by and take a hike or kayak up the Owasco Inlet to witness some unique sights and sounds of mother nature!

Link to the Cayuga County Parks & Trails Owasco Flats recreation web-site:

Link to the FLLT Report on Owasco Flats:


Anonymous said...

may 7 2009. bald eagle seen flying on the owasco flats. very cool.

Lakeman said...

Thanks for the report! I hope we all get a chance to see one.